Custom report to show wireless client's total bandwidth

Hi all,

I would like to create a report in oneview that shows a wireless client's total bandwidth for the day.

We have deployed NAC with radius so ideally we would like to show the username, with total bandwidth consumed over wlan for that last 24 hours.

I am hoping that this is possible.

your advice is highly appreciated.


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Hi Dewald.

It is possible to check a client's bandwidth consumption on OneView, however, I have never generated one for a specific time duration. So help me out a little bit here. Can you tell me what is the version of Netsight you are running?

Praveen Joseph Jacob

Thanks for the reply.

Running Netsight v.6.3 as well as NAC


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Hi, yes that is possible but as far as I'd see only with the MAC and not with the username, here the settings from the custom report.

Thank you,

I have seen this setup aswell - but was hoping, because we use NAC with radius and guest registration, our end-devices are shown with usernames.

These usernames are the key.

Also, I have the advanced Netsight license. If IAM logs report user/mac/ip, surely these can be cross-referenced by the reporting tool to create a summary of bandwidth per user ?