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We are in the process of migrating from Ridgeline to Netsight and one request an engineer made was that the List of Devices in the DeviceTree should show the system Name of the Switch and the IP address instead of just the IP address.

His remark was that in Ridgeline the Device-Name and the IP address of the device was shown in the device list. However in Netsight you can choose between: the IP Address or the SysName. You can have either but not both together (See Screenshot)

Device List can show the sysName (or the default: ip address)

I noticed that only the following options are available in the preferences

Is there any way to customize this setting for example Use System Name and the IP Address. I noticed that whenever I change the setting the following file is modified:


The property is either set to systemName or ip




Is there an option like systemName + ip which would show both?

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Hi Chris,

can you share the netsight version ?

We are running Netsight Version

* BUMP *

Any updates on this one ?