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Delete syslog configuration

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I have a few X440 switches where they have been programmed with multiple syslog targets. I want to delete the old configuration and add in the proper syslog target. I have found multiple articles on how to configure syslog but none on how to delete old configuration. I have tried to "disable syslog" and then "unconfigure" but the entry under "show log config" still persists.

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You should be able to delete each individual one with the beginning of the command below:

"configure syslog delete"

The rest you can tab out and see how specific it wants you to be.
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The syslog configuration will remain if syslog is disabled. You will need to issue the command "configure syslog delete [i] vr " to remove the entries.
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from my notes i have an example
# to delete all the syslog setup

configure syslog delete vr "VR-Default" local0
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