DEMO license to Analitycs in NetSight?

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I want to test a client running Analitys NetSight but my license does not allow me, as I generate a Demo license.

I also want to know whether the sFlow of Extreme switches can be monitored with this function on NetSight?

Thanks for your help and recommendations

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"Official Response:
SFlow is being considered as an base Analytics offering, but it has not been committed to a release at this time."

from this post....
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"There is only one type eval key for NetSight and that will allow access to all features."

So have you tried to install the Analytics VM and integrate it in EMC.
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It is that this software Extreme that brought the Ridgeline does not support their own protocols such as sFlow in all series of Extreme?

If so entonce as I can do Analitys more than 100 switches Extreme I have with this tool? As I can then enable NetFlow on Extreme?