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DFE SNMPv3 Inform messages are missing varbind OID

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Article ID: 6645

Matrix N-Series DFE
NetSight Atlas Console

Enabled SNMP inform messaging: 'set snmp notify . . . inform'.

Inform messages do not work correctly.
SNMPv3 traps work, but not inform messages.

Inform messages are being sent without an OID, delivering a trap without content of the triggering issue.

SNMP inform messages are trap messages that expect an acknowledgement from the application receiving the Inform message--not very complex until you consider the additional security in SNMPv3. The SNMP trap program (SNMPTrap Service) used with NetSight Atlas Console will acknowledge SNMPv3 Inform messages, but first it must be configured to recognize certain security information for the devices on your network that you've configured to send SNMPv3 Inform messages.

To simplify this a bit, an inform messages is a trap, with the addition that the end station needs to acknowledge the reception of the trap (inform) message.

Configure the receiver's EngineID in the sender, and configure the sender's EngineID in the receiver. Please refer to 5390, for more about this.

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