Displaying correct port state for CISCO switches in Netsight

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Hello, everybody!

I have Netsight installation where many CISCOs are present. I can get many info from them using SNMP, instead of port state which is always ACCESS.

How can I get correct port state from CISCO switches in NetSight/OneView?

Many thanks in advance,


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What sort of Cisco devices are these? You might want to create an online case in our support portal for further investigation at http://extremenetworks.com/support
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Hello, Tom!

My CISCO devices are: C2950, C2960, C3550, C3560, C3750, etc.

Have you ever seen that Netsight identifies CISCO port state correctly? In other words, is it possible technically?

Thank you!
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Hi Ilya, what OID are you polling? As far as I know, ifOperStatus= could be polled as it returns the following values:

ifOperStatus OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX Integer {
    up(1), down(2), testing(3), unknown(4), dormant(5), notPresent(6), lowerLayerDown(7) }
This particular OID is available in NetSight, however, if it turns out there is another Cisco specific OID, you might have to import the MIB it belongs to into NetSight. As long as there's a MIB, anything is possible with NetSight