Do we need a new license after RMA of a NS-A-20 appliance


We have RMAd a NetSight NS-A-20 appliance. Do we need a new license for the new appliance or can we use the old one ?

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If the license isn't bound to a MAC address then it should work.
I've no experience with the hardware appliance as I've only installed VM NACs.

But give it a try you can't do anything wrong - either it works or you get a error message.

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Found that KB post....

NAC-A-20, and SNS-TAG type appliances do not need to be licensed as licensing is included with these physical appliances. They do not need to be licensed for use, and will add 3,000 end systems to the global capacity per physical appliance.
So if i understand correctly the physical appliance is coming directly with attached licenses?
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Your entitlements should include a key to go with the product. You can use the old one. So the hardware product NAC-A-20 will give you 3k users out of the box, but that has to be added into the unit once it is brought up live in NAC Manager.
Click on NAC appliance->Configuration Tab-Update license.

Thank you both for the information