Does WLC V10.41.06 firmware support NAC and Net sight 6.3 version ?

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We are going to upgrade Our WLC(V2110) from V9 to V10, I have one doubt currently
we are using Netsight 6.3. Does this WLC version v10.41.06 firmware support NAC and net sight 6.3 or not?please help.thanks in advance.

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As per the release notes...

support for 7.1 and higher

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Do we have to upgrade the net sight also?
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There is a difference between working and supported.

It might work with 6.3 but it's not supported (was also not tested) and that would mean no support for this kind of installation from the GTAC in case of an issue.
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I can't confirm 10.41.06 but we did successfully run two C5210 wireless controllers on with Netsight 6.3 and had no issues