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ELRP traps w/Epicenter

  • 23 April 2015
  • 7 replies

We are using Epicenter 7 (we know EOL for epicenter was awhile ago).
We are managing many deivces. Now we are trying to setup traps with ELRP w/a XOS device.
Everything was setup, we mimicked a loop, but saw no traps via the alarm manager. Then on a ref manual for extreme [EPICenter 7.0 Reference Guide Rev. 03 - Extreme Networks], I found this listed under SNMP traps section.....

ELRP VLAN Loop Detected

Extreme Networks proprietary trap. Generated when the ELRP
client detects a loop in the VLAN.

ExtremeWare 7.3
Not supported in

The device tested is with an XOS device.

7 replies

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ELRP is supported in XOS
This I know.. Let me rephrase it, can Epicenter recognize SNMP ELRP traps via a xos device?

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I don.t know. I work with Netsight. I had to add the snmp trap of ELRP in Netsight. Probably you have to do this also in Epicenter

EVENT extremeElrpVlanLoopDetected .
TY johan.....do you know where abouts in Epicenter this would be added?
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Sorry, I don't know what you have to change
ty. but u said Probably you have to do this also in EpicenterEVENT extremeElrpVlanLoopDetected .

Does this get added somewhere to cause the trap to be triggered if the event occurs?
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Yes, It has to be added somewhere so that Epicenter know what to do if it receive this event.