Email Alarm "Access-Point down", only for several Identifi-AP with Netsight

Hi community,
our customer has some identify AP's which are deployed not on the main factory, but on branch offices which will disconnect to the main factory (and the EWC) every night (VPN disconnect).

Now he wants to change his existing email alarming, that the disconnect (apTunnelAlarm) these branch AP's will not generate an alarm-email.
But the AP's in main factory shuld further on generate apTunnelAlarm-Email, if they go offline.

First tests with netsight an Portgroups are not successful.
Has any one an idea ?


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If the AP name includes i.e. "branch_APXX" you'd create a custom alarm that matches on "branch" & apTunnelAlarm.
In that case you get only a mail if a AP with "branch" in the AP name is going down.

So the question is whether your AP names already include a site specific information to trigger on it.

Hi Ron,
thanks for the advice - it works fine.

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