Email notification from XMC are not working

Dear All,

I have created Script and configured SNTP in XMC and I wish to send an email to admin after script is done (or when it starts, whatever).

The problem is that there is no email. I’m running this task buy clicking “Run”. Script is done, it works fine, but there is no email.

I’m using GMAIL as sending email. I have turned on support for less secure applications in gmail account.

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Hello Grzegorz,

there is an email test option in the java legacy tool Netsight console. You will find the option in the "Alarms Manager" in the "Action Tab" if you select an Alarm.

Unfortunately there is no test option in the XMC I think.

Best regards
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Thank you for the help. I have found an error massage when tested email through console.

The problem lied in configuration.

This is what I have done to make it work:

1. Edit the file NetSight_Install_Directory/NetSight/appdata/ on the NetSight server:

2a. If SSL Authentication to GMAIL is desired, add the following lines to the end of the file:

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Hello here is a suiteable KB article: