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EMC 8.0.3 syslog received in /var/log/syslog file, but now shown in OneView or console

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Hi, I've got in my demokit environment a strange problem.
My EMC for some time has worked well as syslog server, but not despite the fact that I see the syslog messages correctly received in the /var/log/syslog file

in the Oneview page or in console, these messages are not shown.
If I made a tcpdump on EMC interface where receive the syslog messages, I see these message:

and with netstat -na I see the port 514 correctly open and the syslog process is running.
I've also tried to made a backup of the EMC server and to install a new one and restore the previous configurations, but the problem still remain.
How I can debug this problem more in deep for resolve it?

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Did you add syslog to the event viewer ?

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Yes, of course in the event viewer I've select to see the syslog messages.

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Hi Antonio,

Can you check below KB , if it works ?


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Hi Bharathiraja,
I've found the problem was infact due to an error setting in the syslog alarm manager where the path were set to /var/log/messages instead to /var/log/syslog

The strange is why tis path is changed for some reason (for several time the syslog has worked without problem).