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EMC Flexreport Device bandwitdh: shows only some kilobytes

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when I look at EMC 8.0.3 / Network / Devices / at one of our S-Series Switches, the flexreport for Device bandwidth shows a graph moving between 20 and 80 kbs. What is the source of this data? (The S-Series actually moves much more data around.)

It seems to have something to to with report "Top Devicess by IP Traffic". There are also shown quite small numbers.

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is this a default report ?customized one?

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Hi, it's a default report.
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The calculation of the report should be displayed below once you select it.
Device IPv4 Bandwidth (kbps). Source (SNMPv1): ipSystemStatsInOctets + ipSystemStatsOutOctets Source (SNMPv2c/v3): ipSystemStatsHCInOctets + ipSystemStatsHCOutOctets
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I found the definition of ipSystemInOctets:
    The total number of octets received in input IP datagrams, including those received in error. Octets from datagrams counted in ipSystemStatsInReceives MUST be counted here.[/code]
Are all switch/router-octets counted system-wide or only those going in and out the Management IP-Interface? (our S,K and 7100 Series deliver quite low values in the kbs range, our new test summits deliver none)