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EMC Upgrade 8.0 - OS upgrade problem

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when starting the installer-file to upgrade EMC from to, the installer tries to update the OS.
After executing the file, it aborts because "internet connection cannot be established".
I sniffered the data traffic from the appliance and found out, that he does a name resolution on "security.ubuntu.com" with
After that a http-Request with get /ubuntu is generated, but that one failes with 503 - service unavailable.

I accessed this page manually in the web browser and the website is working.
I also tried other IPs from the pool security.ubuntu.com, but that hasn't worked either.

Does anyone experienced the same problem?

Best Regards

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Problem solved: A few firewalls have an intermediation page, which shows the 503 as well.
So that was related to the firewall, not to the server