Enable node/alias learning on 800 series switches (or other ways to learn the IP address on a given port)

does everyone know how to enable IP addresses to be shown doing a compass search on an 800 series switch?

I found this solution on the GTAC Knowledge:


but it doesn't apply to 800 series... and I need this function for network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Other ideas to know exactly the IP address of an end system connected on a given port on 800 series switches, would be really appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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Getting that info is possible but it will take some handling to get into usable format.

You should be able to collect vlan/port/mac bindings by polling the 800's fdb info.

Follow up by polling the ARP table of the local default gateway.

ip stacks often maintain an active arp entry for their default gateway so the mib holding the router's ARP cache (net to media bindings mib) will complete your set of vlan/port/mac/ip bindings.

Polling the ARP table on a router can cramp its style. Lots depends on the table length, the load on the router and the frequency of the poll. Something to test before going live.

hope that helps you get where you're going Alice.