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Enterasys NetSight OS Authentication Login

  • 14 April 2014
  • 8 replies

I've arrived in a new role finding myself as the admin of an Enterasys Network. We have Netsight v4.21 set up on a server, and have at least one other admin accessing this with his own credentials.

I'm a different story though.

I've replaced the admin that had the knowledge of how to set up users, and can't get my credentials to work. The only way I can access the device is using the root login, which for obvious reasons I don't want to make a habit of. I've added my username to the device, which is the same username as my machine, but get nothing but failure trying to log in with my own credentials. Using OS Authentication, there seems to be no real options on the server side, so what am I missing on the OS side that makes this work?

8 replies

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DJ - What operating system is the NetSight installed on? Is it linux or Windows? If it's windows, make sure that you start log in using domain\username. Also when logged in as root, make sure you add your account to the netsight administrators group as well.
The OS is Windows 7. I've been trying to user DOMAIN\User with my domain credentials. I've added my domain's username to the user list, but only as "User". Should that also be DOMAIN\User?
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Yes, that also needs to be added as DOMAIN\User
Still getting nothing, even after adding that in. Are there any settings within Windows that need adjusting to allow this to work?
Noticing in the logs that the other user that's getting in properly is not showing our domain in the log, despite logging in the same way I am. So I'm not sure we're barking up the right tree here.
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Hi DJ, welcome to our community and to your new role. Tyler is one of our top Netsight guru's so I am sure he can help you with your situation. If you have other needs or questions, please feel free to ask our community. We have a great combination of Extreme and Enterasys users here, all willing to assist you as best as we can.
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DJ - It really depends on whether the NetSight server is installed on a Linux OS or a Windows OS. If it's installed on a linux OS then you do not need the domain, but you need to create a local user account and password on the Linux OS itself. If NetSight Server is installed on Windows, you will indeed need the domain name before it and it will authenticate against the domain.

With all that said, there is an option to authenticate against both LDAP and RADIUS which can be configured rather than authenticating against the OS. That may be a better method for authenticating overall.

If you're still having problems it may be worth giving GTAC a ring to get some real-time assistance with it. They can probably straighten it out rather quickly.
BINGO!!! That's got it. We installed on a Linux server. I created a local login for myself and all is well with the world. Thanks so much!