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Event codes, Log messages

  • 16 December 2013
  • 2 replies

Hi Team - Here i am looking out for the event or log messages coming from Enterasys devices (Router's and switches all the series).

1. Event codes, severity, event message, impact, and resolution.

I found log/error message PDF book from internet, but it only gives me informational and warning event message, where i require alert, critical and error severity messages. and no event code is specified.

Can someone please help me to find out these information.

Sundeep G

2 replies

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You could maybe take a look at the SNMP MIB and the traps defined therein. When I look at Alarms Manager in Netsight there are lots of traps of different severities listed.
This has been on our wish list for some time, but a customer friendly document doesn’t exist. I suggest you engage GTAC on specific questions for SYSLOG entries that are unclear.

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