EXOS port link flap detection/alarm before version 22.2

Hi all,
I was wandering if anyone has the same "request" a costumer asked me:
to be able to detect link flapping of certain ports.

is there any UPM script we can use?
or any filter/easy task we can configure on the extreme management system?

Please keep in mind we're using EXOS switches, mostly x460, NOT g2,
and some X440-G2

I know there's a new feature on 22.2 to easily detect port flapping,
22.2 is NOT compatible with x460-g1,
and still it's NOT the recommended version for X440-G2 ...

last but not least ...
I'm talking about "general" links,
that can be with other vendor devices,
or even with user devices,
so I cannot use ELSM ...

thanks in advance

best regards


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I use siem for monitor port flaps. Rules are very precise, and it wokrs very well, and look like that:
when BB:link-up match at least 20 times in 5 minutes after BB:link-down match with the same Devices port
but you use SIEM from extreme networks, or also from other vendors/solutions?
is there any way to specify a range of ports, and get an alert when one of that range starts flapping?