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EXOS: Setting port speed and duplex via Netsight tools

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Whats is the suggested way if a customer wants to define port speed (maybe reduce gigabit switch ports to 100MBit because of bad cabling or other reasons) with graphical tools of netsight - like console or oneview.

My customer wants to do this on X440 (G1) and X440-G2 Switches with current 16.1.x. firmware. Netsight V7.0.

in oneview i do not find a way to do this ?! Is this currently not possible ?

in Netsight Console (Properties - Ports) i can set the "speed admin" and "duplex admin" field and write it but the client anyway used gigabit speed.
Whats is going wrong here ?

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Hi Matthias,

you need to disable auto-neg if you want to use the static speed/duplex values,

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Turn auto negotiation off.
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i want using auto-neg!

on EXOS i used the command: conf port X auto on speed 100 duplex full.

How can i do this setting graphically ??

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If auto-neg is enabled then the other values are ignored.
So if you want to have 100/full disable auto-neg.
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I digging a little bit around but it seems that it is currently not possible to reduce speed like needed above via graphic netsight tools ?!

A lot of my customer miss this feature !

@Ron: Please keep in mind if you disable Auto-Neg (set speed manually) on this port and the partner runs auto-neg you getting a lot of errors because of resulting duplex mismatch!

I think there is room for some enhancements!