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Extreme Analytics for VOSS Client Count

  • 27 June 2019
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Hello Together,

we installed XMC with Application Analytics at a Customer running Version 8.2.6 (should be the latest at the moment and NMS-ADV-U license including 100 Application Analytics Clients) with several VSP4450 (using App-Telemetry) in a SPBm Fabric as Access-Switches (BEB) and some VSP8600 in Core- and Distribution-Layer as BCB across an Network with about 10.000 End-Users connected (behind the VSP4450 are some Firewalls). All end-customers with their own LAN are connected to the Firewalls which are connected to the Access, going through the SPBm Fabric to some VSP located in a central Datacenter.

So the goal is to analyse the Client-Based Flows from the end-customers through the network to the centralized datacenter with the help of Analytics.

I know that the License model changed with analytics 8.2.0 to a client-based model (not flow-based anymore). At the moment the analytics show that there are about 386 Clients monitored. I think this is not a real value we should expect. Could anyone please tell me or give a link to some document HOW the clients displayed in Analytics are counted and which license we would need?

Additional information: The Firewalls did not use NAT. The access to the internet is realized with some http-proxy's at the end-customer and some are using IPSec Tunnels (there we expect just one IP-Adresse (one client i think) from end-customer to datacenter. But for other applications (like file-transfer, software distribution) we should see each client itself i think?

Thanks for Assistance.


1 reply

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Hi Chris,

We calculate the total number of unique client across all analytics engines each hour and that's the number that we use. Basically it compares concurrent clients during the peak hour in that day with the installed license. And if you have exceeded it then we mark that day as the day you have a violation.

Rest it's all same as Flow-based license