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We have a client that utilizes NAC and Purview with the WiFi Solution.
We use NAC to apply different "NAC Profiles" to match specific Areas/Locations.
We can then generate Purview reports based on the NAC profile that essentially gives us Stats at a specific location.
This works great, the client is now trying to use a wildcard (*) in the "NAC Profile" search to match all these locations and report on them as a whole.
The Gui does not allow for wildcard you have to select the specific NAC Profile.
Can this be done?

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Hi Andre,

I have still not tested this, can you check with wildcard "%"

Snippet from EMC help.
Search Criteria


You can enter a partial term in the text field or use the SQL wildcard "%" (as a substitute for multiple characters) or "_" (as a substitute for a single character) for multiple matches. For example, for the Device Family name, you could enter "iPhone %" to match iPhone 3, 4, and 5.
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Hi Karthik

Look at this more closely you have the option of selecting "Custom" and then using variables.
This solves my problem....

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Hi Andre,

That is great, thanks for letting us know.