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  • 31 July 2017
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Does anybody have a detailed description how to configure Netsight so that different active directory users will get different rights?
I have done the following:
add some groups in AD and add them in "Administration" "Users" "Authorization Groups" with the "memberOf=CN=GG_..." statements,
customized the Capabilities and
set "Authentication Type" to "LDAP"

I can successfully login with my test account and will find the test account as "Authorized User" as "Automatic Member = True" and the Authorization Group name that I have configured.

But now the problem:
If I remove the user from the AD group that give him the rights, he will be able to login until I reboot the netsight server.

There is a description available for the legacy java tool (but it will not fix my problem):

I guess I have forgotten something but I didn't see, what it is.

Any help is welcome.


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