Extreme Management center: Links are missing on map overview

  • 31 July 2019
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Extreme Management center: Links are missing on map overview

When trying to add a link which should normally be seen on the map overview, it says:
WARNING: Port 1/19 already has a link to:
MAC: B4:2D:56:35:5C:01
Port: 2/50
Discover Protocol: LLDP
Do you wish to overwrite this information?

But why is it not showing that link then in the map overview?

Thanks for helping me with this

2 replies

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The Extreme Management Center learned there is a link based on LLDP (in your case). that Link goes to some device. The link should be visible on the map if both devices (both ends) are on the map.

I guess your issue is caused by inconsistency in the neighbor reporting, something like:
device A does have IP A1 and A2. device B does have IP B1 and B2. You have in Extreme Management Center device A modeled based on address A1 and device B modeled as address B1. The Management learned that neighbor of A1 is B2, while B2 is not on your map.

Check what is reported to the management by LLDP.

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to be more precise: do you have on the same map?