Extreme Management Center - Third party device visibility - VM's

Hi everyone,

We got a client who is acquiring the Extreme Management Center (Netsight 7.x). One of his requirement is to be able to see if the vm's (VMware ESX and Citirix XenServer) on the network.
are reacheable (just ping).

I know there is some degree of support for third party devices. And I also found the following guide:


I would like to know if I can apply that guide, or if there is another one specific to EMC, that can solve that requirement.


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Why do you not use Netsight DataCenter Manager ? Or activate Authentication (MAC Auth are enough) to see which VM is where active ...

Hey Matthias, thanks for the reply,

The client is getting EMC to manage some switches he is acquiring. Thats why we are going with EMC (dont want to add another license and add more costs if there is a way with EMC).

Activating Mac Auth for the servers could be an option. But we would be like to be able to add each vm (each ip address within the servers) to the pool of devices we are able to manage. Since we know that EMC is not designed for managing VM's, we would like to, at least, be able to see those vm's as reachable devices.
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Hi Eduardo,

it depends which EMC Version your client have.

DataCenter Manager needs NMS-ADV-X. MAC Authentication tells you where which VM resides but not excatly if it is reachable (no ping tests etc). But if the MAC Auth is done you know that this specific server MAC is communicating. If you are using re-auth and accounting you will see if a vm is gone away. (please keep in mind that a re-auth will maybe loose VLAN binding shortly - depends on switching HW you use).

To use MAC Auth you need min. NMS (no NMS-Base) and a virtuall NAC Gateway. Out of the box you can auth 500 Systems. otherwise buy needed additional IA-ES-xK LIC.

If you put every server into Netsight (as a own device) you can do SNMP or Ping tests but you are reaching very quick your maximum device limit which makes Netsight expensive (if you need to buy the next higher device limit license).

If i we you i would prefer MAC Auth flavor.