Extreme Switch in NetSight

  • 9 January 2015
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I installed several Extreme X430 Switch in my enviroment, and want to management with NetSight.

I installed NetSight and got X430 switch with snmp v3,
After search client IP address on NetSight's compass, it always shows snmp timeout error.

Even I extend the length of SNMP timeout on NetSight's option,
it does not reslove the problem...

Is there any body know how to resolve the problem...

NetSight Version:
Extreme X430 Version:

2 replies

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In order to fully support XOS in Netsight you need 15.4 or later and I would suggest the latest Netsight build as well. Netsight 6.2 will have full support for XOS and I believe it is only a few more weeks from release.. when it is I would suggest upgrading.
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When 6.2 release, I will try it.