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ExtremeManagement 8 & Analytics enforce error

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Hi Guys,

Running some tests with the non-GA (upgraded from but I found an issue...

After the upgrade, when I try to enforce the Analytics Appliance I receive the following error:

2017-05-16 14:44:42,438 INFO [AppIdInfoLogger] end enforce operation; result=unable to build sensor configuration file; rc=139

Any ideas?

Best regards,


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Hello Leo, This bug has been identified in the .130 branch, and has passed validation in the 8.01.xx builds. You will have to upgrade once the EA code is made available to you. I currently have no update on that EA release target.
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Hello Thomas,

This build have a nice UI and it's lightning-flash if you compare to the 7.x... Good job guys!

Thanks for the information...

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Hi Leo,

Thanks for the positive feedback. Appreciate the comments.