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Finding Unused ports in NetSight

I am trying to find the best way for a customer to locate ports that have been unused for an extended period, 30,60,90 days or more.

We recently upgraded a customer to x460-g2 switches running
We also installed NetSight

The customer used to use Ridgeline's unused port report but that report does not appear to exist in NetSight. I started trying to see if there was a mib I could poll in a flexview but did not find anything there either.

I am checking to see if I missed something or if someone has an alternative suggestion.

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A similar post was made in regards to Unused Ports in NetSight recently. this should provide some insight and steps on how to configure:


We also have an article related to the topic as follows:


Hope this helps.
Thank you for the info, this should be very helpfull
This can now be done through capacity planning in Inventory Manager