Firmware upgrade using Netsight 6.3 -7.0 for older releases

Hi everyone,

We are currently planning an upgrade on all of our network switches mostly x350's / x450's with firmware and a couple of x650's in stack, as our cores, with firmware

The main administration wants to rely on software rather than doing it manually. So we proposed using netsight 6.3 or 7.0. The main problem we found is in the documentation for the inventory manager firmware suppport it states the following:

Summit Series

* Download Firmware 15.3.x
* Download Config Template 15.7.x
* Save Archive 15.3.x
* Restore Archive 15.3.x
* Reset Device 15.3.x

From what we understand we cant use the upgrade features unless we have those minimum releases on our switches. Is there any other way to upgrade the firmware using netsight for older releases? Is there any other software Extreme recommends to upgrade Summit switches with our current releases?

Thanks in advance.

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You can open console (java based) and execute command script. (Right click on device or group) There you can put necessary commands to execute your upgrade.

Recommend to try one box and than more 🙂


Thanks for the reply Z,

I'll try your suggestion.