Flexview to Add Voice Vlan to Port

  • 22 July 2015
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Within the NetSight Console I am looking for a Flexview or other way to add an additional vlan to ports that already have vlans assigned.

Within the VLAN tab, Basic Port, I see there is an easy way change the PVID but not a way to add an additional vlan. I would like to select multiple ports on a switch and add a new vlan without changing the current PVID set. I can find this view in the Advanced Port but I can't modify.

Is there a way to do this with Flexview or other option like the Port Templates?


1 reply

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Hi rob,
i have read your post, and for doind this job we have configured CEP auth to identify Voip Phones in the network. Then we apply an especific role to contain this traffic to a voip vlan... then dhcp, register to call manager...
this is useful fou you?