Flexviews for PA firewalls

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Hellow, I tried to upload the flexviews script below to XMC, but failed to open tpl files on console. I'm not sue how to modify the PA MIB file to make it compatible with XMC 8.1. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Official Palo Alto mibs file is not compatible with XMC version 8.1, you need to replace undescore "_" with minus "-" and will be good. File is not compatible with XMC version 8.1, you need to replace ifIndex with panIfIndex and ifDescr with panIfDescr.

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Usually the issue with TPL file is that your browser does not download the whole TPL file.
The TPL file should start with tag

?xml version="1.0"

and end with tag

examples above should be formatted as html tags = with "<" and ">".

Regarding the MIB file modification: use text editor (I like notepad++) and use search and replace feature to replace underscore with minus = instead of _ there needs to be -
the same with ifDescr and panIfDescr.

After the file modification, upload the modified file to XMC and restart the nsserver process.

Good luck.
Thanks, zdenek. I managed to load tpl files and successful to use flexview on console, but only PaloaltoZones and PalAltoSystem tpl. No any value can be shown on PaloAltoInterfaces. And when I open the flexview on One view, no any value can be shown on 3 flexview files.

I followed the link below, but still got nothing.

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Regarding OneView:
The XMC web server is not using MyMibs directory in your case. Enable it in Administration -> Options -> search for mymibs. Documentation on MyMibs is here.

Regarding the PaloAltoInterfaces:
the flexview does use following objects: PanIfDescr, panIfActiveTcpCps, panIfActiveUdpCps, panIfActiveOtherIpCps
Can you open your MibTools and search for those objects? are those objects present in your MIBs?

If you contact me directly by 📧 I can share with you my mib file. My email address starts with "zpala" and as you can see I am employee = the domain is ...