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Generate Emailnotification "Port down" with Portalias by Netsight

Hi all,
our customer want to modify his email-alarming by netsight.
Today he get's an email information, if an port goes down - this works well.

Now he wants, that the portalias will be displayed in the emailnotification - the real configured alias in EOS ("set port alias ge.1.1 "TEST-Portalias").

With "action override" in netsight, the parameter $alarmSubcomponent only display the port name (e.g. ge.1.1) but not the alias ("TEST-Portalias).

Did someone has an idea ?


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Check out the following article and let me know if it helps.


Hi Ryan,

the gtacnowledge-solution will NOT work.
It will only displayed the Portname ge.1.9 but not the configured Portalias.
Any other idea ?

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Use a script to do a bunch of legwork is an option.

Basically take the trap, and use alarm manager to pass deviceIP, and the trap message down to the script. The script would need access to the snmp creds of the device.

The trap message will have the bridge port ID. The script will need to parse the message for the bridge port

Take the bridge port number, query the ifalias mib: That'll give you the port alias.

Use the script to mail out result.
Hi Thomas,

i opend a case - the solution is scheduled for NetSight 7.0.
So i will wait until GA for 7.0 in April/Mai.