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Getting Windows Server specific info into the Netsight over SNMP

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Hello, everybody!

I have some customers who has bought Netsight and wants to find new ways how to use it as NMS (it implies increasing licenses count).

Some of them ask whether it possible to collect such data as: disk, memory, cpu usage, error messages, etc?

I have connected WS 2008 over SNMP, got Windows Version, build version, location and contact. What's about other info? How could it be get into Netsight?

Many thanks in advance,


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Assuming you have the snmp configured you just need to make sure you have the mibs. The mib tool is nice for finding what the devices will respond too.
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Hello, David!

I've got the list of appropriate OIDs:

  • Brief list of useful OID for workstations under Windows XP/2003/Vista: . – time the host has been running for (SystemUptime) . – processor load (this is the initial OID; specific OID values for certain processes are to be looked for in the base directly; i.e. for the first processor the OID can be . , for the second one - . . – number of running processes . – total RAM size .,2,3 …) – free space on drives 1,2,3, etc. in blocks.
How can I add them to the Netsight for polling?

Thank you.
You will want to create a custom flexview through Console. From my experience you will want to add one mib at a time and test, because some mibs do not like to work together.

For me it has been trial and error perhaps Mike or one of the other Extreme guys can help you more than I.
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I try to create my own flexview and add there the required OIDs. But... what I am doing wrong?

Please, help!

You have to work your way through the tree and find the oids you want to use. Are you trying to use oids that did not come with NetSight? If so you need to make sure they are in the right folder and I believe there is a check box under tools/options that needs to be checked to tell NetSight to look in the appropriate folder.

Here is a link to a VM flexview I started working on. You could see if it works for you.