Guest network access to internal website

Hi There,

I'm newer to the networking world and am working with an Extreme NAC virtual appliance and a V2110 wireless controller and some Extreme Access Points. I currently have all my "guest" traffic setup to allow Internet access only and would like to make an exception to allow access to an internal website( on another subnet.

Would I set this up in One View or on the Wireless Controller?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi. It depends where/how you did the setup till now. You can configure it by CLI (if you like the pain) You can configure it by GUI of the controller. You can configure it by XMC policy approach (most cool and nice and easy). I would recommend the management (XMC) but it may overwrite roles you already created by controller... You can also import policy / roles from controller to the Oneview/policy domain and then update your settings with new L7 rules... Regards. Z.
Thanks for the help! Got everything up and running!