Guest registration text messages not sending correctly

Guest registration verification text message are not sending correctly or at all on some mobile phone carriers. Verizon is seems to work fine. T-Mobile gets the text but no message. ATT receives no text at all. Is there something that needs to be configured outside of the guest registration settings?

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Hello Kent,
Typically if Netsight is sending texts, then it's setup correctly. But you can make sure that Netsight server is sending out the texts. They are emails with formatting for text messages.
so assuming your running a netsight appliance, and the CLI is linux, a tcpdump will work.
tcpdump -i eth0 -s 0 tcp port 25 -w textmessage.pcap[/code]You can then WinSCP of Filezilla client to the Netsight server to grab that file from the /root directory.
This trace should tell you if the email is able to get out to the specific vendor in question. If the Netsight Server is not sending we have a problem. If it does, the vendor likely has a problem.

If a windows server is being used, then I would install Wireshark and take and then filter afterwards for SMTP.
Thank you for your response. I will give this a try.

If Netsight is sending correctly and it's on the vendors end, is there anything that can be done?
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I would contact the vendors support, and see if they can track that email down.