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How can I export a full AP summary report to include AP version, HW type and most important the location field,

I'm on NMS version The NMS One View / Reports / Wireless/ AP summary report show all of this in web based view. There is an export to csv option but it only export data from the current page displayed in the web based view. At the moment I need to page through these to generate 10 csv files and sew them together in excel.

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I've opened a GTAC ticket last year for this issue (ticket#01015634).
Answer: working as designed

It was changed to a CR (change request) but as I didn't received any feedback I've closed it after 11months.

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I just sent an email to the Netsight Product Director to see if we can get an answer on this one. I can see how frustrating this would be...
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Hello Rons 🙂
Ron Dvorak's feature request has been re-opened (and I believe a notification was sent).
The notes state:

It is a good idea and we will look into it for the future. It works in the current method for performance reasons if you try to export something that has hundreds of pages so we will need to scope it somehow to prevent this export from impacting other functionality in NetSight.

Let's hope this can be completed soon. I'm going to leave this as thread as Under consideration. Feel free to bump it from time to time and so can keep bugging PLM!