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How can I migrate Extreme Management Center from Windows to Appliance?

  • 6 August 2019
  • 2 replies

The Windows server is just too buggy. Is there a simple way to migrate? From what I'm reading if I just restore backups from one server to another I won't get everything. Currently on


2 replies

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Check out the following document on migration of the Extreme Management Center Engine:


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Another gotcha, is the directory paths are different in Windows than Linux. I recently did this migration and you will need to go to the options area and peruse through the paths in the options such as Inventory Manager and set those to defaults for Linux. You will see the paths after the restore still reference the data path for Windows, just click the default button on XMC and it will set it to the correct path for Linux.

There are several places to change, another is in the event log area for syslog too.