How come my wireless heatmaps don't reflect obstacles?

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I have built a map in OneView. I started with an image, and then traced drywall walls, brick, and glass. But I am finding that these walls do not seem to reflect any change with the signal when I choose to show coverage.

Whether the AP is inside of a concrete box, or hanging out in the middle of a big drywall room, the color map displays the same.

I guess I would expect there to be some sort of weakening of the signal, and a change in color when I am hitting brick or concrete. Is that not the case? Or perhaps I am not tracking something that I need to on my EWC?

Here is a screenshot of an AP that I have trapped inside of a cement wall. If I take the cement away, the signal coverage doesn't change.

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Same issue.
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Are your map properties environment set to custom? If it is set to say cubicles or the office space, it wouldn't necessarily reflect what is drawn.

Example of me using a brick wall to limit wifi.

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Aha! Changing to Custom did the trick for me. Now my maps have meaning!

Thank you Frank!
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Best of luck!