How could i make a report with a list of the mac address of the camera port of all AP-3916 apcamera?

I have a controller c440 with version 10.31 and Extreme Management Center 8.1 i would like to know where i can make a report that list me the ip address and the mac address of the camera port on each AP, i have struggle to find it out

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The AP Inventory Report is what comes to mind as listing the most comprehensive set of AP data ... and can be exported and brought up in Excel and manipulated from there. I'm very sure the base MAC address of every AP will be shown but am not 100% sure about the camera MAC.

Have you looked at that report?
Yes i can see the AP mac's but not cameras Mac address.
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The MAC of the camera shows up on the client list under device type "EXTR2MP-CAM" I assume you could report on that client type via a sort.