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How do I control the size of the server.log file?

After rebooting the NMS 5.0 server the 'server.log' file begins to fill up. It will eventual choke out when the disk is full.

In the CLI I can 'tail server.log' and see a recurring error. "Cannot read the .par file."

Has anyone had that issue? This started Jan 30-31. This is a customer's machine.

Is there a place in the GUI to control the size of the 'server.log' file?


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I believe the log rolls daily, and I don't believe there is a way to control how big the server.log file becomes.In terms of disk management you can limit how many server.log are saved.

Normally mine are a few hundred kilobytes to perhaps up to a megabyte. If the customers are much larger, I'd be curious to see if they have any debug turned on, or if there is something extremely bad happening where it being written out to the server.log which would be an issue.