How do we limit user connections

Hi, we would like to limit the number of connections ( devices ) our users can have connected to the wifi network at one time. Does anyone know if this is done in the Nac Policy manager?

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Mick, if the users are going through the NAC portal to login, we can limit the # of users there.

The default value is #2.
Otherwise, from the rules point of view we cannot limit the number of devices if they are using basic mac-authentication or 802.1x. If they are forced to login via the portal with Secure Guest Access or Authenticated Registration, then we can limit it this way.
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Hello Mick,
NAC will not restrict the # of users to any specific SSID or group.
From the wireless end an AP can have a max amount of users set, and a Wireless controller can have a maximum number of users.
If the Wireless controller was uplinked to an S, N, K-Series, it's possible to limit the # of users able to authenticate on any given link. However, this is more of a brute force situation, and cause legitimate users to not get connected.
I am not sure of what issue you may be trying to resolve, that may help with us coming up with a better solution.