How do you activate SSH on C5210 wireless controllers

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How do you activate SSH on C5210 wireless controllers? Netsight keeps giving us errors that it can not communicate via SSH. I don't remember having to set up SSH on my C4110 controllers.

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It's enabled by default.
Have you tried to ssh from the Netsight CLI to the controller - just to see there is no problem in the connection.
Please provide us the software version of both systems.
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SSH is highly likely to be enabled and available and working as it is enabled by default. The errors you are seeing are more likely to indicate that your C5210 isn't synchronized correctly with Netsight. You may have to review both what CLI credentials are being used to communicate with it in Netsight and whether the Langley Shared Secret is correctly configured.
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Those two KCS article s should get you pointed in the right direction.