How do you change the archiving script VR in Netsight version 8.0.3 as Inventory Manager no longer exists?

We are running the latest version of Extreme Management 8.0.3 and they have remove the entire Inventory Manager utility.

We have a number of new switches where management is on the VR-MGT and Netsight is unable to archive these switches and im not able to see/find a way to change the VR Netsight uses to archive.

The description of the archive error: The device was unable to download the configuration. Check that the correct VR is being used.

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Hi Stephanos,

This article is modified and should help.

From EMC 8.0 Inventory manager is depreciated hence the first 4 steps can be done from Oneview as below
Right click on the intented switch > Configuration/Firmware > Set configuration
Great, will give this a go 🙂

Also how you see which devices archives failed as on the archive screen it just tells the number of failures and I cannot see how to see which devices actually failed:

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Expand (EDGE CAMPUS) > Highlight the date and time and you should have Alert for the failed devices.
Thank you again