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How many nac portal pages

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A simple question but possibly a difficult one to answer, and that is how many different NAC portal pages could realistically be configured?

I assume that question is going to be based on a bunch of variables, but if I give you an example maybe it will help.......

Have a request for a single site with a simple gust wireless solution to have different splash pages based on where the client is located. Now I could do this with different SSID's or based on location (haven't made that decision yet), but the amount of locations has been given as around 14!

Is it practical to then create 14 different guest portals to accomplish this?

Many thanks in advance.

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This is based on a number of variables, but importantly, the capacity and power of the NAC and very importantly the Netsight Server. If they are running at Enterprise recommendations or higher, then all is likely good. It's really more about rule processing and amount of clients that NAC's front end to take care of this. I will let other customers remark on the number of portals they have configured.

The basics of making location based portals is discussed here.

How to configure NAC for Advanced Location Based Services to use seperate portals for unique SSID