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How to alert for uplink RX or TX errors on uplink port (XOS and netsight)

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We use netsight 7.1 console to do basic traps and syslog. Is it possible, that netsight could send me an email alert if a problem was seen on an *uplink* port to a stack. I don't want to have to manually run a report, I'd like to have an email sent out like we have for our traps.

Setup: 460 g1s running 16 code (XOS) ports 1:53-54 are shared lacp

Sometimes the fiber at our locations degrades overtime and affects the uplink (Massive TX or RX errors are seen with the show port 1:53-54 rx or tx is ran).

Is there a way for netsight or the switch itself to monitor these ports, so we can be alerted when things start building up? We have port elements setup in netsight, but I can't seem to see any option that would fit in that setup.

Any other options you can think of?

Thank you,


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Hi !

If you see these errors on interface statistics for

Statistic Name: Interface % Error Packets. Source: ifInDiscards + ifOutDiscards + ifInErrors + ifOutErrors + ifInUnknownProtos

you can use a threshold alarm in Netsight alarm manager for %error packets. For this you need to enable interface monitoring (Monitor - Save statistics for 1 hour and then drop. Use this mode for threshold alarms.) on the ports you want to monitor.

I am not sure if you will see all the errors there but it can be an indicator.

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thanks for the idea, will check it out
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Hi Sarah,

Adding to Volker, check this article https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-create-an-alarm-to-trigger-on-inter...
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That looks promising, thank you!