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how to change snmp traps log ip address into device name and location

  • 3 June 2015
  • 2 replies

I am receiving SNMP trap log with IP address details for the device .. I want to Replace IP addresses with device name and location . Please advise me how to change replace this in my trap log and I am using Netsight .

Example trap
Message: ICMP Contact Lost: No ICMP reply from device x.x.x.x

2 replies

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Hello Suhail,
You can edit your Alarms Manager to react to the trap message and replace the them with device nickname and add syslocation and other criteria to that.
So if you start alarm manager, you have at top device up/down. You can for device down make sure it is enabled, then look at actions and Choose email or syslog, then look for Override Content. Click on that and Edit content. From there, you can click on 'show keywords' *see pic*. Here you can choose switch Nickname, or by syslocation etc.

Note Show Keywords below, and strings that can be altered in action override Email Body.


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In my case, we are usin customized snmp server and want to see device name when received snmp trap send. Currently snmp server is receiving IP address only. As far as i know Extreme have only 1 mib text file for each xos version. I have provided the that mib to snmp server team. What else we need to do from the switch sides and snmp server side. Please help. Thanks.