How to configure Netsight as IPfix collector?

  • 2 December 2016
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Hello everyone,

I have a question concearning IPfix configuration on theNetsight. I'm currently working for a customer, who is using Netsight(ver. to collect Netflow Traffic from Enterasys Switches, but is now planning to use Extremes Summit x460-G2 switcheswith out-of-band management. Since these switches can not use Netflow I decidedto configure IPfix instead. According to the following GTAC-Article Netsight should beable to handle IPfix:

After I have configured the switch I noticed that there isno flow traffic displayed in OneView (Analytics>Flows). With the "show port ipfix" command I verified,that flow data is actually collected on the Switch. On the Netsight I checked with the netstat- andtcpdump-command that udp port 2075 is open and that the Netsight receives theIPfix traffic from the switch.

Since this seems to be okay I think that I either have toconfigure Netsight as an IPfix collector or that I have to adjust thedashboard.

Can someone please help?

This would be my switches ipfix configuration:


# Module ipfix configuration.


enable ip-fix

configure ip-fix domain 1

configure ip-fix ip-address protocol udpL4-port 2075 vr "VR-Mgmt"

configure ip-fix source ip-address vr"VR-Mgmt"

configure ip-fix ports 1-47 ingress-and-egress

enable ip-fix ports 1-47 all_traffic

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Michael Eisenschmid

6 replies

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Hi Michael, you need to install the Extreme Analytics Application appliance and you nedd to send the ipfix traffic to this appliance. Then you add the purview collector in the OneView configuration
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There are two ways you can handle this. The X460-G2 can generate IP-FIX flows and technically they are Netflow V.10 - with the ability to provide specific information that vendors can add up and above that of Netflow V9. Netsight can take direct flows as a collector and you can also feed a Purview engine as was suggested (and as I have outlined in previous posts on the hub - search for IPFIX and purview)

I assume you have the front side of the switch configured to Netsight, not the management port? If so the default output of IP-Fix is to the vr vr-mgmt. You have the port 2075 correct but you need to specify the vr - the command should be like this - "configure ip-fix ip-address protocol udp L4-port 2075 vr vr-default" -- This will send flows directly to Netsight and you will see then as top talkers/top apps, etc in the dashboard almost immediately.

Give it a shot and let me know...

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Here is the prior post for your convienience...

Thank you all for your fast replies.
Sadly my customer does not own a purview at the moment.

Actually the management port is configured to the netsight. The IP-address of the Switch is configured on the management VLAN for out-of-band Management. So i think the "vr-mgmt" statement should be correct?

The switches IP-address appears in the Netsight under Analytics>Flows as server but not as flow source.

I will be at the customers site on Tuesday and will check the netflow collector settings then.

Kind regards
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Hi Bill, in case the ExtremeManagement server do the role of netflow collector, I suppose it will have a flow cache (as the engine) for the real-time traffic, but regarding the netflow database for the long time store? Will ExtremeManagement use it's mysql db for this or is not implemented?
Hello Bill,

as suggested I tried changing the VR to VR-Default. Sadly it did not help.

After entering the command "tcpdump -i eth0 s0 port 2075" on the Netsight I noticed that i dont recieve packets anymore.

So I think that VR-Mgmt was correct.

Kind regards,