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How to Configure Netsight Dashboard ?

Hello guys !

I just recently started with netsight , and i have seen some very com display with graphics , dashboards , showing features from the switches performances , here att office we have a big screen and i would love to be able to activate those graphics in netsight , i can see under the reports tab that i can choose dashboard , but they all show blank with no information !
What do i have to do to aktivate this ?

Txh for your time in advance !

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Are the completely bank or do they just now show data?
Do you have any devices added into NetSight? I would suggest using only SNMPv3 for Extreme/Enterasys devices. Once you have devices added, you should be able to right click on the device from OneView and select "Collect performance data etc....".
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Hello Silva.

If you want to know how to add the device into Netsight though SNMPv3, you could reference the following link as the example.
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You can following the information in the following KCS article to collect stats for OneView/Extreme Management Center. The dashboards should then populate after a short time:

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We should might start with the software version that you've installed and which license is enabled.