How to Create XOS Config Template with Inventory Manager ?

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we are using Config Templates within Netsight Inventory Manager (IM) for Enterasys Switches for a long time to get running a switch very quickly.

So we want now using the pretty new X450-G2 Switches - XOS V16.1. All works perfect - including the config backup with IM.

But how can i create a config template for XOS fixed switches? If try to create a config template i will see only the XML format of the config not the normal ascii format.

How can i import the ascii based Config as a valid template ?

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Do this nobody tried before ?
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Hello Matthias

There are a few ways to do this I find the easiest is just to telnet to the switch and disable the CLI paging then do a show config and capture the config.

Disable clip
show configuration

once that is done you will have a text copy of all of the changes you made. this can then be saved as a text file with the .xsh extension that allows you to load it to other switches and run it as a script. Since it is a script you can also use variables so that you don't have to make changes all the way through the file.

If you want to upload the file you can do it two ways. 1 using the upload command and the 2) the TFTP command The upload command saves the configuration as a text file the TFTP command saves it as XML

Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions

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Hi Paul,

my question is not about the config handling within the XOS switches. My question is about how to create a config template within netsight inventory manager (IM) especially for my new XOS switches in the same way like enterasys switches.

Extreme Networks tells us that Netsight is fully supporting XOS devices. But it seems that creating a config template is currently not possible because Inventory Manager is working with the wrong config format (XML and not ascii).

To avoid this temporarily limitation (hopefully) i am looking for a way to upload a ascii-based config to IM as a config template which i can used to install new switches. The only way making template i know yet - is to use an archived config and then "create config template" - but this failed.

Do you (are somebody else) know a other way to create or better import a config file into Inventory Manager defining that as config template ?
And last will be this problem solved?

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Hi Folks,
these days i have opened a GTAC case!

This is a Netsight V6.3 feature!

So i will wait and see ...
Hello Matthias,

Any news on this?
I came accross the same problem ...

Thank you very much for your feedback!
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Hi Lukas,
next Netsight Version support this - V6.3.

If you like to test, please open a GTAC Case and take part of the Early Deployment Phase of NS 6.3.


I just tested it with NMS version 6.3 but still have the same problem. Has anyone made different experiences?

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Hi Steff,

your right with Netsight V6.3 nothing have changed - GTAC Case 01141249. I have tried to reopen this case, but no response from GTAC!

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The GTAC will track this under the new case you created on-line and will reference the older case as needed to move forward. The configuration template feature is listed in the NetSight 6.3 Release Notes as a supported feature on the Summit switches and we will investigate this further and respond via the case.

Thank you,
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GTAC tell me that there is no chance to import an based ascii config for XOS switches.
But next NetSight (6.4) will contain a promising new feature.

So wait and see ....
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This is a great post. I too tried to use the template option but was shot down by the html format. I dont understand why it cant give us the option to different formats as inventory manager keeps the config 3 different ways.

I guess March will be here before we know it.

Thanks for the info
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Now just 1 year later - Netsight 6.4 is now ExtremeControlCenter V7.0 - i am looking for the feature to use a existing EXOS Configuration Backup in Netsight as a Config Template for other new EXOS Switches. Where i can change a handful of parameters via Variables like Inventory Manager can do this for EOS the years before.

But to my bad surprise i dont find any hints in the release notes that V7.0 will bring this new functionality!

Do i oversee something ? Currently i have a new customer how want to use that!

I stumbled over this problem today.... It is a real bummer since I have about 90 Switches to configure and I have to console to every f****** Switch...
I need this function too!
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Just a short update ... Next Netsight Version (XMC) V8.1.1 should be able to work with config templates ...
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Just a short update ... Next Netsight Version (XMC) V8.1.1 should be able to work with config templates ...
This will be very nice.