How to get the logs from NAC for SMS verification

  • 23 May 2017
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A customer wants to recollect the information for every guest user that authenticates with SMS on the guest portal.

Where is this information stored? How long is stored?

The idea is to have all the information of a guest user in case the police asks for details.


1 reply

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Are you looking to re-collect all current SMS information provided for police, or are you looking to try and capture all current and future SMS information provided in a running log?

By default NAC will age-out any end system that has not been active for 90 days, which means after registration this information would be removed.

If you just want to pull out all the information that is current in NAC Manager you can unhide the registration information columns and filter on those to pull off all the information.

To do this right click on any end system --> Table Tools --> Settings

If you want to try and collect this data permanently for future use you can create a NAC notification.

Type: Registration
Trigger: Registered Device Added

You can send it to syslog, email, trap, and keep it for your records that way.

You'll need to click the "override content" button at the bottom to add the registration information to the event.

Let me know if this helps.