How to put a Device in a Maintainance State on Netsight

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Our customer have some device offline due a building renovation. On Netsight we obviously see them in down state. There is a way to put these devices in a Maintainance status, so they wont be checked and do not expose the alarm for these devices? (We don't want to delete them) Thanks Roberto

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The only thing i know you can do is disable the alarm. But the alarm would be disabled globally, and I'm sure you don't want that.
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I don't need to disable the alarm globally ma on the device in maintainance mode.
We have the same problem. Wee need to put various devices in a maintainance state on Netsight.

Nobody can help us??
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The following is just a idea/workaround - I'm sure it's nothing to try if you've 1000 of devices.

Create one device group i.e. Active and one Maintenance
Move all your devices to the device group Active.
In the alarm settings of all your alarms set additional criteria > device group > Active

In that case a alarm is only triggered for a device in device group Active.

If you now want to put a device in maintenace mode (= no alarm is generated) just move the device from device group Active to device group Maintenance.
good idea.

Thanks a lot Ronald.